Leadership Connect

What is Leadership Connect?

The Leadership Connect program is an exclusive opportunity for area small business owners to engage more with the Nashville community and become leaders. 

Each year, a small class of entrepreneurs comes together to learn from each other and top area leaders on how to become more involved in building the Nashville community.

Leadership Connect aims to give small business owners from all walks of life a bigger platform for making the changes they want to see in our region.

What does being a part of Leadership Connect mean?

During this program, 10 small business owners who are chosen through a competitive process will meet with CEOs and community leaders to develop a deeper understanding of what is needed to move our region forward. They'll also gather as a peer group to share issues and challenges facing their own businesses.

Members of the class will be extended an invitation to the 2020 Leadership Study Mission delegation. Leadership Study Mission is a launchpad for tackling issues facing the Middle Tennessee community and business leaders. Each year these business leaders travel as a group to another U.S. city to examine best practices and bring those lessons back to Nashville.

What are past class members saying?

Phil Cobucci, Bam! Social Business: "I gained an insight into how I can give back to my community and how I can also grow my business at the same time."

Amr El-Husseini, Lodestone Advisory Group: "This program gave me the chance to watch many more people in action at the Chamber. It made me believe even more that it is a great platform for conceiving bold ideas for the future and challenging status quo in our city."

Ashley Northington, DENOR Brands & Public Relations: "I gained a new network of rockstar friends. I have new insight on how the chamber works and how small businesses could benefit. I *think* I may have gained a fastrack entryway into a leadership role within a high impact community initiative."

Ashley Bergeron Segroves, The Studio 208 and Revolution.Design: "I feel included and that my opinions and participation are respected and encouraged. Thank you for this opportunity, I know my confidence in leadership grew and I am happy to be a leader in our community."

How does it work?

First, either nominate yourself a small business owner that is community-minded and ready to take the next step in leadership, or submit your application to be a part of the next class. The Chamber will begin accepting nominations for the upcoming Class of 2021 in September of 2020.

Need more information? Contact Caitlin Okrzesik at 615-743-3014.

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