Middle Tennessee is centrally located, allowing businesses to reach U.S. and international locations with ease and affordability. Fifty percent of the U.S. population lives within 650 miles of Nashville and 12 million people live within a 2.5 hour drive. The area is a transportation hub with excellent air, rail and highway access to any part of the country and fast and easy international connections. Nashville is one of only 6 U.S. cities where three major interstate highways converge.

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  • Nashville is located at the convergence of three major interstate highways: 1-40, I-24, I-65
  • The 440 Parkway, Downtown Loop and Briley Parkway link the urbanized areas; Route 840 connects four counties in an outer loop.
  • 140 freight carriers and 150 truck terminals


The Nashville International Airport (BNA) is located only 8 miles from downtown Nashville:

  • 15 airlines operate 576 average daily flights to more than 75 nonstop destinations
  • Serves more than 19 million passengers annually and is the 4th fastest growing airport in the country
  • 75% of the U.S. market within a 2-hour flight time
  • 33rd busiest airport in the U.S.


  • CSX Transportation has two major rail yards in Nashville, as well as an Intermodal terminal, TDSI automatic distribution terminal, and TRANSFLO terminal. Nashville is CSX’s division headquarters.


  • Port of Nashville on the Cumberland River; 9-foot navigation channel accessible to Ohio River, Mississippi River, and Gulf of Mexico.


  • WeGo Intercity bus system
  • Music City Star suburban rail
  • Nashville B-cycle bike-share system
  • Ride-share and motorized scooter services



Electric power for the Nashville region is provided by the Tennessee Valley Authority and local distributors. TVA is the nation's largest government-owned power provider, supplying energy needs to 9 million people throughout Tennessee and six other southeastern states.

TVA power is one of the most efficient and reliable systems in the country, offering numerous advantages to businesses and industry. In fiscal year 2015, TVA’s transmission system achieved 99.999 percent reliability for the 16th year in a row and Site Selection magazine named TVA to the list of the top 10 utilities providers in economic development for the tenth straight year.

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Natural Gas

Piedmont Natural Gas is the trusted natural gas provider for more than 1 million residential and business customers in North Carolina, South Carolina and Tennessee. In operation for more than 60 years, Piedmont Natural Gas provides reliable and high-quality service throughout the Nashville region.

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The Cumberland River runs through the middle of downtown Nashville, providing a plentiful water supply to the region. Local water providers in the region offer competitive rates and high-quality service to the Nashville region's residential and commercial customers.

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