#BeAGoodNeighbor Member Spotlight: Made in TN

Meet Made in TN, a unique small business showcasing 100% locally sourced and curated artisan and specialty products from the state of Tennessee. They've brought the best of TN together in one place to help make finding the local items you love easy. You'll find foods, home decor, gifts, and more here from stone-ground chocolate to hand-poured candles and locally designed notebooks. New items are added regularly and they're dedicated to sourcing the very best items for you!

Read about how this local small business is opening safely and smartly in the interview below with Ilex Pounders, the President & Founder of Made in TN.

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Q: Who is Made in TN and what should we know about you?

A: Made in TN brings the best of Tennessee-made artisan and specialty products together in one place, so finding the local items you love—from the makers you love to support— is easier than ever. With two brick-and-mortar shops in Nashville and a fully stocked online store, Made in TN makes it possible to enjoy a little Tennessee from anywhere in the world.

Though plenty of visitors swing by to pick up a little “Tennessee to go” to remember their Nashville travels, Made in TN is more showcase than souvenir shop, sourcing the best local products from creative newcomers and established icons alike. You’ll find all kinds of Tennessee treats here, from stone-ground chocolate to hand-poured candles; locally roasted coffee to biscuits and jam; hand-screened textiles to artist-designed notebooks and stationery. A stop at MadeinTN.com is like visiting a highly curated, blue-ribbon market packed with the state’s best creators, artisans, chefs, and makers.

Made in TN is the brainchild of husband and wife team, Ilex and Sarah Pounders. They started the business in 2014 as a way to support and promote Tennessee makers, bringing the best of the best together to collectively boost local brands. What started as an online retail business quickly grew to include two brick-and-mortar locations that draw locals and visitors for a little Tennessee year-round.

Deeply rooted in Nashville and raising its next-generation, Ilex, Sarah, and daughter Aubri continue their quest to intentionally source the best of Tennessee so that others can enjoy the rich flavors, unique style, and quick Southern wit that makes their home state so special.

Find curated gift crates, build your own gift box, or shop for your favorite Tennessee-made delights in-store or online or at MadeinTN.com.

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Q: What is your business doing to reopen safely?

A: We're following all federal, state, and local guidelines for being safely re-open which have changed as the weeks progress regarding masks, capacity, etc. We also offer a selection of hundreds of locally made goods on our website with Nationwide shipping for anyone that would prefer to shop online.

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Q: Do you have any special offers to tell guests?

A: We offer free shipping for orders over $50 with promo code supportlocal on our website currently and our retail stores have the best selection of locally made products available in Tennessee.

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Q: What would you tell a guest who is wanting to come visit?

A: Come see us!

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Q: Since the pandemic began, what has been your favorite place to visit or your favorite activity?

A: L&L Market on Charlotte Avenue has everything we need in one place, so we especially enjoy supporting our neighbors there.

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Click here to learn more about Made in TN!

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